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So much information is at our fingertips today. Have a question about a health issue? I’m sure Google has a quick answer and Amazon has a perfectly matched product for you, or there are probably 50 blogs on the topic detailing every answer under the sun. But how do you know if you can trust those results?

Copious amounts of data and conflicting opinions can be very confusing when you have an important decision to make – especially one concerning your health. With over 70 years of cumulative experience in vitamin therapy and nutritional and preventive medicine, our team at The Remedy Room is highly qualified to be a resource you can trust.

Science is constantly evolving and so we must adapt accordingly. At the root of what we do is continuously educate ourselves so that we may better educate you- to understand your body and your options, and to empower you to be your own informed advocate.

Looking for something you can’t find on the blog? Contact us here and we’ll do what we can to get you the answer you need.