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Why purchase supplements at The Remedy Room?

+ Vitamins from drug stores and the like often contain fillers and chemicals our bodies don’t need and don’t know how to process. When you’re trying to give your body something to support it, the last thing you want to do is get in the way with unnecessary toxins.

+ Often vitamins are sold in the cheapest form possible- but that form may not be the most bio-available for what you need the supplement for! For example magnesium oxide does very different things than magnesium threonate! It’s important to know what form you’re taking to get the best results. (Don’t worry- our team is here to educate you!)

+ Delivery! Did you know b12 is best absorbed sublingually in the mucous membrane in your mouth? And that magnesium can be absorbed through your skin? Don’t waste your time and money taking vitamins that aren’t being absorbed the right way!
We’ve spent decades researching, understanding and trying thousands of pharmaceutical grade supplements to narrow it down to the best ones we know work. Let us guide you.