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  • Activate and support a robust immune response.
  • Reduce swelling and bruising after surgery.
  • Increase collagen production to enhance healing and tissue repair
  • Reduce scarring.
  • Decrease inflammation, pain and risk of infection.
  • Support the liver to detox anesthesia out of your system faster.
  • Optimize nutritional status.

Healing Optimization

Research shows that healing and recovery after surgery can be significantly improved by targeting multiple systems in the body with Infusion Vitamin C and other vital nutrients.

I recently visited The Remedy Room before and after having a cosmetic surgery procedure. My Doctor recommended that I have 4 vitamin C infusions, first a week prior to surgery, one the day of surgery, which was done in the recovery room, and two more, days 2 and 4 post op. As a result, my healing process was very speedy. My initial bruising was somewhat minimal, and seemed to clear up very quickly. The staff at The Remedy Room was very professional and caring.


First do no harm - intravenous vitamin C has no side effects. Why wouldn’t I use all the tools at my disposal? There is compelling evidence to suggest that high dose intravenous vitamin C pre- and/or post-op facilitates a more speedy recovery. I wished to utilize all aspects of natural healing that I had at my disposal. My friend had the same exact surgery a week later and developed an infection and her surgical site. I did not. Maybe it was the intravenous vitamin C?


I had pre- and post-op infusions from the Remedy Room for my recent surgery. I could not have been happier with the quality of the products and services provided by The Remedy Room and would recommend their services to anyone considering surgery.q


The Remedy Room Pre & Post Op Package – Pricing and Details


Package Includes: 

  • 4 Vitamin C Infusion’s
    We recommend one before surgery, one during surgery (or immediately after) and two after. All Infusion’s should be administered within a seven day period for best results.
  • 1 32oz Bottle of Intramax MultiVitamin
    Take one cap full every day after surgery until gone.
  • 1 Box of Liposomal Vitamin C
    Take 2 packets per day for 15 days following surgery; not on days with Infusion.
  • 1 Bottle of Digestive Enzymes with Bromelain
    Start 72 hours before surgery and continue until empty, two capsules two times per day, unless instructed differently by surgeon.

Pricing includes obligatory wellness consult of $50 and $100 TO-GO fee for one Infusion to be administered at the surgical facility.


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Dr. Mignonne C. Mary The Remedy Room, New Orleans

-Dr. Mignonne C. Mary The Remedy Room, New Orleans

“Collagen is an invaluable building block for healing and is responsible for keeping your skin healthy and firm. Once the skin is cut, the body needs collagen to heal the wound.  However, poor diet and aging can inhibit its natural production. With our vitamin C Infusions, we are simply giving the body what it needs to heal the wound and close the skin.

For best results,intravenous and oral vitamin C should be taken. Infusion route of delivery allows us to reach exponentially higher levels of vitamin C inside the cells. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production as well as enhancing immunity and healing. It’s a very safe procedure that has extraordinary benefits when used before and after surgery.

Preparing the body for surgery is extremely important whether it’s an elective cosmetic procedure or something more serious. Nutrient deficiencies that lengthen the recovery and delay wound healing can be avoided with the pre and post-op Infusion treatments. 

The role of Vitamin C in surgery recovery has been researched extensively since 1937 when it was first recognized for its role in wound healing. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful agents to help reduce the appearance of scars. Since humans lack the ability to make Vitamin C, constant replenishment is important so we start patients off with Infusion C and then move them to oral dosing at home for best results.”

- Dr. Thomas Moulthrop Hedgewood Plastic Surgery, New Orleans

– Dr. Thomas Moulthrop
Hedgewood Plastic Surgery, New Orleans

“I have been working with Dr. Mary for the past few years referring my patients to her for an infusion therapy regimen specifically geared for my patients undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures. We have been proponents of vitamins C pre-operatively for many years, and Dr. Mary incorporates this into her treatments along with other supplements targeting multiple systems in the body critical for recovery and healing.

I have been impressed with the results I have seen in my patients. Patients receiving these treatments report overall less swelling and bruising and increased recovery from anesthesia and healing.

Her team is also very conscientious in providing treatments at our patient’s convenience, making the process as streamlined as possible. Overall, I feel that infusion therapy is a beneficial complement to the cosmetic surgical interventions that I perform and the overall wellness of my patients.”


Email us using the form below and one of our team members will reach out to your patient within two business days.