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Infusion IV Chelation Therapy

$229-$249 (packages available)

Initial Intake Visit with Medical Provider required.

  • Improve cell membrane health
  • Support muscle, brain and nerve function
  • Reduce cholesterol naturally

EDTA and PlaqueX Infusions: The best way to be proactive about your cardiac health. For those at risk for coronary artery disease or with excessive burden of plaques in the body, Intravenous EDTA and PlaqueX Infusions help to naturally reduce LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides, increase HDL Cholesterol and improve the quality of the vessel walls for optimal cardiovascular health. Intravenous EDTA and PlaqueX also help chelate (bind) harmful toxins in the body, assisting in detox from heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. If you’re looking to improve your heart health, remove toxic substances from your system, support your cognitive function, or reduce your risk of a cardiovascular event EDTA and PlaqueX Infusions may be right for you.


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