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Why Should I Get An Infusion At The Remedy Room?

Infusion therapy is the most effective way to deliver fluids, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to the body. It is significantly more effective than oral administration of fluids and vitamins because Infusion contents are able to bypass the digestive system and go straight into your bloodstream, thus optimizing absorption and helping you feel better much faster. The Remedy Room has certified physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and medical assistants that provide outstanding personalized care in a spa-like clinic. With minimal wait times, experienced staff, and exceptional customer service, the Remedy Room experience is unlike any medical experience you’ve ever had.

How Does The Process Work?

At your first visit, you will fill out electronic paperwork and sign consent forms. A staff member will then take your vital signs, and you will meet with a healthcare provider for a brief history and physical examination to discuss which Infusion option is right for you. After that, you will get your Infusion while you rest comfortably. The entire process generally takes about an hour.  If you would like more information, see our ‘How It Works’ page.

What Is In The Infusion Bag?

The contents of the bag depend on which Infusion you are receiving. Ingredients may include, but are not limited to, fluids, trace minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. During the initial consultation with the healthcare provider, you can get a more detailed breakdown of what will be in your Infusion.

How Long Does The Infusion Take?

The Infusion will generally take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on the type of infusion you receive and your medical history. Most infusions take just under an hour.

Why Are Some Of The Infusion Fluids Yellow?

Many of our Infusion bags contain B Complex vitamins that cause the color of the fluids to turn yellow. Some of our Infusion bags do not contain B Complex vitamins and have a clear appearance.

Is The Infusion Painful?

You may feel slight pressure for a brief moment as the nurse is starting your Infusion. It is similar to having your blood drawn for lab work. After the Infusion infusion is started, you should not feel any pain.

What Will I Feel During The Infusion?

You should not feel any pain or discomfort during the Infusion. You may experience a vitamin taste as soon as the Infusion is started. You may feel cold while you are receiving your Infusion, and we offer blankets, tea, and heating packs to help with this. You may also feel that you have to urinate during the Infusion. The Infusion fluids are hung on Infusion poles that you can roll to the restroom while you are getting your infusion.

What Will I Feel After The Infusion?

What you will feel will depend greatly on a multitude of factors including how dehydrated you are before the Infusion, the symptoms you are experiencing prior to your Infusion, nutritional deficiencies, and acute and chronic medical conditions. Most patients report a noticeable change and improvement in symptoms within 24 hours and often times during the infusion itself or shortly thereafter.

How Often Should I Get An Infusion?

During your initial consultation with the healthcare provider, you will discuss an Infusion regimen best suited to your specific needs. The frequency of Infusion treatments will be dependent on what you are coming in for. Many patients come weekly or biweekly to maintain hydration and vitamin levels and prevent cold, flu, and fatigue. Others come prior to or after a big event such as an athletic competition, wedding, or big trip. Many patients come before and after surgery and some patients come just when they are feeling fatigued or under the weather. Always ask our medical team if you’re unsure about how often you should be getting Infusion treatments.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Remedy Room Infusion therapy experience is a customized medical service administered by licensed and certified medical professionals including physicians and physician assistants that are always available on-site. The ingredients used in the Infusion bags are the highest medical grade and doses used can vary significantly, affecting the cost.  While we do not accept insurance, please feel free to join our mailing list for discounts and holiday specials.

Does The Remedy Room Accept Insurance?

The Remedy Room’s services are considered above the standard of care. As such, while most services are reimbursable through Health Spending Account (HSA), conventional insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed and consequently, The Remedy Room does not bill or accept insurance.

What is your return policy on ecommerce purchases?

Our Refund Policy is as follows: No returns or refunds on open products. Unopened products may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund minus the cost of shipping and return shipping.