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We are happy to introduce Vitalitus AnandaplusTM, a proprietary Anandamide formula with fatty acid amide hydrolase substrates Palmitoylethanolamide and Oleoylethanolamide. By acting in concert to inhibit N-Acylethanolamine FAAH metabolism, our proprietary formula produces enhanced endocannabinoid activity, potentiating duration and effectiveness of Anandamide and other cannabinoid and cannabimimetic molecules.

Anandamide is very good for inflammation. It is non-toxic and comes from food product that does not hurt the kidney, liver or stomach. It is the bliss hormone and works synergistically with CBD because it has an impact on the endo-cannabinoid system for pain.
We suggest loading it for one month- 6 a day. Then you can go tdown to 2-4 a day once the pain is resolved.

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