Methylene Blue


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Methylene Blue is a nearly magical substance that has the unique ability to increase the voltage of the batteries of your cells called mitochondria. These are the powerhouses that convert energy in your food to energy for your body. It does so by contributing extra electrons to the last step of the electron transport chain in your mitochondria, literally increasing the voltage of the inner membrane.

The higher voltage increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, the molecule used to power virtually every process in the body. This effect is especially notable in the brain. It well known as a potent cognitive enhancer and nootropic or brain booster.


USP grade methylene blue.  Other products may use reagent grade which can have heavy metal contaminants.

Phosphatidyl-choline, also known as lecithin.  This form of MB is liposomal which can increase delivery to the cells by 50-100%.  Other liposomal forms may use polyethylene glycol, or PEG, which can have harmful effects.

Laser enhanced oxygen enriched structured water to amplify the positive effects even further.


How to Use

Each drop contains 1.5 mg of methylene blue.  The nootropic level, which means the amount shown to enhance cognitive function, is 30-50 mg per day.  Suggested use is 30 mg or 20 drops in a few ounces of water per day to start, preferably earlier in the day.  Gradual increased use may further increase the effects.  The safe range is .5-5 mg per kilogram per day.  The nootropic range will generally keep this at or below the safest end of .5 mg per Kg per day.


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