Thyroid Px Capsules Restorative Formulations


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• Supports Metabolism
• T4-T3 Conversion
• Stabilizes Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies
• Optimizes Body Temperature
• High Level Iodine/Iodide

Formulation Features:
•    Herbs used to support thyroid function for thousands of years
•    The strongest support formula we offer for healthy thyroid function
•    Provides the thyroid with the nutrition and substrates it requires
•    Supplies the main component of T3/T4 hormones
•    Nutritionally supports thyroid hormone formation

Thyroid Px is a balanced blend of nutrients and botanicals that is designed to support the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland while simultaneously maintaining healthy metabolic function. Thyroid Px helps optimize healthy thyroid function, normal body temperature and general metabolic rate.

This formula can help stabilize thyroid peroxidase immunoglobulins which play a part in normal thyroid activity. The powerful antioxidants selenium and zinc, as well as the myrrh gum resin help neutralize free radicals that affect iodothryonine-5-monodeiodinase enzyme activity, which is involved in the conversion of T4 to the active T3 hormone.


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