Leptin Signaling Complex Fine Mist Spray by Leptica


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Isopathic cell function activator aids to control cravings, reduce hunger and over-eating, manage weight, avoid weight regain. 
Enhance hypothalamic satiety signaling.
Raise lipolylic thermogenesis.
Improve blood sugar levels. 

Active Ingredients:
Isopathic recombinant DNA human Leptin & GLP-1 based cell signaling complex

Inactive Ingredients: 
Purified Water 90%
Ethyl Alcohol 10% as preservative

One bottle is 2 fl oz. Contains 410 sprays.

Recommended Use:
Take 3 sprays under tongue before meals and when the urge to snack arises. Repeat if necessary. Best taken 10-30 minutes before meals.

Store between 50-95F and away from sunlight, microwaves, computers and xrays.

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