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intraMAX® 2.0

intraMAX 2.0 is produced using intraCELL Technology. This innovative cold-fill manufacturing process allows the 415+ ingredients in intraMAX 2.0 to retain their maximum nutritional value while being enriched organically with naturally-sourced fulvic acid.

In just a one-ounce daily serving, intraMAX 2.0 provides an array of vitamins, trace and macro minerals, prebiotics, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, fruits, vegetables, essential fatty acids, bioflavinoids, amino acids, and much more! The unique ingredient blends in intraMAX 2.0 not only support the body’s ability to eliminate harmful substances*, they also provide support for a wide range of systems and functions which include:

  • Endocrine and hormone
  • Immune, development, and response
  • Blood, cellular, and circulatory
  • Cognitive, brain development, and neurological
  • Skin, bone, skeletal, muscle, and joint
  • Energy, strength, stamina, and stress management

One of the few multivitamins with Dr Mary’s stamp of approval because of the high amounts and plentiful ingredients. Zinc, selenium and iodine are super important during these times and this product has all 3! Tastes like delicious mango. Also, offered in Keto friendly option, flavored with glycerin orange. 
Needs to be refrigerated after opening.

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