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Harmful Chemicals Effect Our Homes, Bodies and Our Environment

It’s Earth Day and we want to share an amazing organization with you!! For years we have been sending anyone who will listen to From arsenic to asbestos, pesticides to phthalates – the list of harmful chemicals that have been found in our homes, in our bodies and in the environment is endless, and at The Remedy Room we spend a lot of time helping patients detox their bodies and their lives of these toxic chemicals.

✨As you know, when we remove the things getting in the way of allowing the body to function optimally, it can often heal itself. ✨

Toxins in the body cause inflammation and problems at many levels, including at the level of the cell membrane. If your cell membrane (the outside layer of the cell) is inflamed, important receptors can become blocked or blunted, making it more difficult for that cell to receive important signals in the forms of hormones, proteins, and chemical compounds. It’s like toxins mute the cell’s ability to communicate with its neighbors and we know that at the end of the day- metabolic health is all about how well your cells can communicate with each other and with the environment around them. Toxins are often times stored in fat cells, which is why losing excess weight often leads to a reduction in overall toxic burden in the body, and thus more receptive cells! Have you ever lost weight and noticed that doses of medicine came down as the weight came off? That’s because your cells were becoming more receptive to what you were taking! Another way to reduce toxic burden? Find out what’s in your home cleaning products, beauty products, food and water, and make gradual switches to reduce your (and your family’s) exposure to harmful chemicals. Less exposure = less work for the body to detox those things out of your system!

EWG has been a resource for us and patients alike, serving as a database for toxic chemicals in our food, water, clothing and consumer goods. Did you know the average woman puts about 168 synthetic chemicals on or in her body before leaving the house in the morning? At EWG you can type in a product, and see where it scores on harmful chemicals, impact to our environment and more and make better choices about what you use for you AND your family.

This is NOT a sponsored article by any means! We’re here to educate and empower you to make batter choices to live optimally.

If you haven’t checked out, head over!

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