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Are Boiled Crawfish Keto-Friendly?

Heck yes, they’re keto-friendly! 👍

Lucky for us in South Louisiana, fresh local fish and shellfish are typically very keto-friendly! Let’s start with the overview: Crawfish have 0 grams of carbohydrates or sugars, 15 grams of protein and very little fat. 🌟 But that’s not all..

Crawfish are also rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and especially phosphorus and potassium, which are all essential for balanced and optimal metabolic function. Plus, if the crawfish are boiled, you won’t need any extra sodium that day. Do you stick to a full or partial ketogenic lifestyle? Regularly replenishing sodium and potassium is especially important for keto and fasting folks to stay balanced and avoid headaches and the “keto-flu.”

But let’s be honest. It’s not just about the crawfish. If you’ve been to a typical boil, you know what it’s like to search for those pieces of corn, potatoes and onions. These starchy veggies are less keto friendly; so, if you’re sticking to a tight keto lifestyle and you’re the one boiling, try supplementing fresh okra, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic and mushrooms! Another great substitute? Try trading traditional sausages for local, grass fed and finished alternatives.

At The Remedy Room, we know that one size does NOT fit all! We are always looking to help people reduce inflammation and toxins in their diet and increase nutritious whole foods that promote fat burning and sustained energy. As such, we often teach patients how to use tools such as a keto- style diet and intermittent fasting. No matter what eating style is right for you, there are so many switches we can all make starting RIGHT NOW that will benefit us no matter what! We want to remind you that even if you’re on a diet or following a specific eating plan, you can still enjoy things like crawfish boils! We’re always looking to make valuable tweaks and swaps to our food and our lives to reduce inflammation and promote optimal function.

Some of our other favorite swaps? How about a bowl of fresh berries with some heavy whipping cream for dessert?! Or snacking on hard boiled eggs, almonds and pecans instead of processed snack foods? Craving pizza, pasta or rice? If you haven’t tried cooking with cauliflower, what are you waiting for?


If you’re looking for more engaged nutritional coaching and/or one-on-one support, we have options for YOU! 

  1. Our Group Weight Loss Program is our most affordable option, offering 8 weeks of virtual group coaching. Email for more info!
  2. Our One-On-One Weight Loss Solution caters nutritional coaching to your needs over 8 weeks with our incredible Keto/ Fasting Coach, Alexia Bjarkan. Email for more info!
  3. The ultimate solution- Our Optimal Wellness Program with Dr. Mignonne Mary, M.D. This 6 month program really has it all, from detailed bloodwork to one-on-one nutritional coaching and direct medical support to ensure your success.

For more information about ANY of these options, text or call us 504-386-3851.

Alison Frankel

Alison Frankel, MS is the Managing Director at The Remedy Room, with more than a decade of combined training and experience in functional and integrative medicine, neuroscience and nutrition. Passionate about the intersection of science and spirituality, she is also a YRT 200+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach.