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It just doesn’t get any easier! We’ve put together everything you need in one beautiful bundle to make gift giving foolproof

Two Holiday Bundles Now Available

Super Boost Bundle!

For anyone looking to supercharge their body’s natural ability to fight off illness.
+ Dr Mary’s Powder Vitamin C
+ Aurora Vitamin C Packets
+ Metagenics D3+K
+ Argentyn 23 Sublingual 2oz
+ Seeking Health Trace Minerals


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For our friends who want to feel well but don’t know where to start.
+ Dr. Mary’s Powder Vitamin C
+ Neuro Magnesium
+ Metagenics D3 + K
+ Sublingual B12 10,000mcg


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Dr. Mary’s Holiday Bundles available for pickup and shipping. Please allow two business days for our Remedy Room elves to have your bundle ready. No refunds or discounts offered on bundles.

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P.S. This is your elf.