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A Note to Our Community About The Current State of Affairs


As we watch the events around us unfold, we are thrilled to see more people safely returning to normal life, getting outside and spending time with loved ones.
We understand that in order to do so, people need to feel confident in, and protected by their immune system. And so we humbly ask, what will make us feel confident and protected the next time a virus is abound? Will we wait again for a vaccine to be developed and/or are there things we can be doing RIGHT NOW to increase our body’s ability to activate a natural and robust immune response? We respect and appreciate vaccine science and subsequent advances in the modern medical fight against certain illnesses and diseases, AND we also understand that this is not where the story ends. What about the other spokes of the wheel? The ones we know are proven to support and enhance our body’s ability to fight pathogens? What about clean diets and education about the disastrous effects of excess sugar on immune function? What about conversations about de-stressing and getting enough quality sleep? Replacing Vitamin D levels in people who are deficient? The list goes on.

We must ask ourselves; Will we depend solely on a vaccine for the future of human immune function or will we engage now and start to take care of ourselves?


One thing has become abundantly clear since the beginning of all of this and that is that at the end of the day, we cannot count on or control the environment around us. We will not have control over which viruses spread around the world, what we might be exposed to, when a vaccine may or may not be ready, or whether or not that vaccine is safe. What we CAN control on the other hand, is the environment inside our bodies. We CAN control the steps we take today and tomorrow to allow our bodies to have the strongest immune system possible. And so once again, we learn a consistent lesson that appears in many avenues of life about self reliance and the need to turn inward.
We often hear people refute this idea with comments like “Not everyone can afford high quality supplements.” To this, we want to remind our community about the abundant resources available to us for free every single day. Reducing your sugar intake, drinking more water, getting outside in the sunlight for 15 minutes daily, putting the phone away before bed instead of scrolling late at night… These are steps you can take RIGHT NOW that won’t cost you a penny. We only wish that our government agencies and large institutions could invest as much time, money and attention on these important topics as they do other items, though sadly just this week we became aware that sugary donuts were being handed out as a reward for receiving a vaccine. At The Remedy Room, we know that anyone who hands us a sugary donut does not have our back.
We cannot stress this point enough- You, and only you are responsible for your health at the end of the day, and so it is up to you to take your health into your own hands.
We won’t get into all the relevant things we offer here in this email. We will simply remind you that as the leading integrative health clinic in Louisiana, with over forty years of cumulative experience in nutrition therapy and preventive medicine, we are a resource for you. We are here for you no matter what you chose to do or not do. We will never stop living our core value to educate to empower YOU.