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Supplement Reviews

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Written Reviews

Robyn Gilliam

I needed help getting (back) on a supplement schedule and Courtney was very knowledgable and helpful. Moreover, she listened and made suggestions based on my individual needs. I wasn’t sure I would like the powder supplements she suggested but they actually taste good! I recommend the Remedy Room to anyone in need of boosting their wellbeing.

Leo Skovron

I get really high quality supplements from remedy room – Magnesium for sleep and Super Fine Vitamin C for daily use and to fend off sickness. I feel well taken care of here.

Jennifer Dixon

After a recent health scare I stopped in to the Remedy Room to discuss supplement options for improving my condition. The employees could not have been more helpful and knowledgeable. I left satisfied that I was on the right track, more so than after leaving the doctors office.

Alison Frankel

I feel and broke my foot very badly one week ago. Followed all Remedy Room recommendations for at-home supplements to take and I swear I have never seen something heal so quickly.  I couldn’t walk 5 days ago or put any pressure on my foot at all.  As of yesterday, I’m back to yoga and walking with no pain.  I took vitamin C 3,000 mg twice a day, D3/k2 10,000 IU daily, neuromag 1 scoop nightly and digestive enzymes (bromelain every few hours for the first dfew days).  If you are ever needing to reduce swelling and bruising and speed up healing time, go to the Remedy Room.

Rachaun Julian

Over time, all of my supplements have been highly beneficial. I also recommend the Super Immune IV therapy. Very knowledgeable staff in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Chris D'Amour

My father is in overall good health but has asthma. Concerned about COVID, I reached out to my friends at Remedy Room. Not surprisingly, they were extremely knowledgeable, provided high quality care and we’re incredibly helpful. They recommended effective and efficient supplements and vitamins to boost my father’s immune system. Most importantly, it’s employees would routinely text me and ask me how my father was feeling and made sure he was current on his supplements. If he needed more they made it easy for us to get them. Remedy Room is excellent. I am now a patient and strongly recommend you try them as well.

Erica Lipoff

The Remedy Room has helped keep me so healthy with high quality vitamin C and D. I’ve learned so much about how to take better care of myself and others through the knowledge and pragmatism of the staff! I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and can extend to others as a result of my relationships here!