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Dr. Mary’s Optimal Wellness Reviews

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Written Reviews

Lauren Trostorff

Dr. Mary goes above and beyond— she can’t help but want to help you! She is always eager to learning more in the field of functional medicine as a genuine passion and to better help her patients.

Mary Macgregor

I have had a myriad of medical issues for a very long time. I have been to every specialist for help. I always got a new diagnosis, along with a new rx. Finally I met with Dr. Mary. I am beginning to feel so much better & hope to continue to improve. I have so much more energy, stamina, improved mood, off most of meds (not inc supp). I didn’t realize how bad I had actually been feeling!
Dr. Mary & her staff are very professional while being open, friendly, attentive, & accomodating.
Any issues or questions I have are addressed very quickly.

Cissy Higgins

I went to Dr. Mary about 2 years ago, completely defeated and exhausted. She worked tirelessly to find the root cause of my illness, all the while educating me and empowering me to take charge of my health. Every other doctor just looked at me with glazed eyes when I told them that I knew something was wrong and another pill would not fix it. After 5 years of not sleeping, severe fatigue, terrible brain fog & 40 plus pounds overweight. I can honestly say that I am back to myself. Empowered to stay healthy. I would highly recommend her and her team.

John Parker Roy

I participated in the Optimal Wellness Program at the Remedy Room and the results were outstanding. I lost over 25 lbs and 10% points of body fat during the 6 month program and saw all the major metrics in my bloodwork improve. The nutritionist provided great insights and accountability relative to intermittent fasting, ketogenic protocols, and dietary nutrition. The combination of targeted medical engagement with nutritional engagement is a winning partnership and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their health for the long-term. If you engage the program and follow their protocols, you will see significant results.

Mary Ann Moss

The Remedy Room has been life changing for me. The staff is lovely. So friendly. I would recommend Remedy Room to anyone.

Allison Dupepe

Dr. Mary and her staff are an incredible group of people that not only took exceptional care of me during the greatest health crisis of my life, but cared for me in a way I had never experienced before this time. Their outlook on your health is what we need more of in doctors. They truly care about the well-being of their patients. The atmosphere is one of healing and calm. They immediately get you comfortable with blankets, tea and heating pads before the infusion. They were an integral part of my recovery. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Dr. Mary and the medical staff at the Remedy Room!

Vickey Maples

I love how everyone at the Remedy Room takes their time to make sure you get the help you need. They create a plan for you to achieve your optimal wellness and they make sure you understand the information and have all the pieces and parts of your package in order and they keep up with you to make sure you stay on track. Their offices are beautiful and clean and create a sense of optimism, professionalism and groundedness. It is a wonderful experience working with them.

j mitchell

I have been going to the Remedy Room for 8 years and value them and Dr. Mary more than any other doctor or medical establishment. Their aim is clearly to educate and empower their patients and clients to regain control of their health. No other doctor or group has done this for me to the degree that the Remedy Room staff and Dr. Mary have and with such genuine care and excellence. For so long I felt powerless to change my state of health but through them I have regained power to make positive healthy changes and improvements. I travel from 4 states away to go to the Remedy Room and will continue because the level of care is so exceptional. There are a lot of IV type places around me in Atlanta but this type of care and knowledge is one of a kind! Dr. Mary and her staff are constantly learning and consistently recommended treatments and supplements several years before they become mainstream. They truly care and listen to their patients. Anyone who knows me knows who Dr. Mary is because I am always sharing something I’ve learned through the Remedy Room. Go get an IV or sign up for the health coaching or the 8 week weight loss program or any of the services they offer and ask questions, interact with them and you will see this level of care and excellence that is so rare these days.

Neel Sus

Dr. Mary and her whole team are amazing. They are very knowledgeable about every service they offer and can back if up with data.I did a 5 day NAD IV course with them. I was able to work while I was there and even take calls.Here are the results:
– 10 to 20% strength gains for weight lifting
– I wake up after 6 hours of sleep without an alarm
– it has totally crushed any procrastination on work tasks / personal chores I need to do
– I feel a fire in my belly to crush it I haven’t felt in years

Vickey Maples

Love this team, Dr Mary is the best Doctor I’ve ever had. I was fatigued and very miserable when I first saw her.
She turned my life around.

Ashley Porrovecchio

I swear if it wasn’t for this amazing DR MARY
My quality of health wouldn’t exist! She saved me💕. I was one foot in the grave with Ochnser a.k.a. status quo BS😡I would highly recommend Dr Mary to AnYoNe:)) thank goodness for doctors like her!