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We Have Some Exciting Things To Share

New Online Store!

We have an incredible new online store that includes all my favorite things from top of the line bioavailable supplements to biohacking devices to my favorite food and drinks; all tools that enhance longevity and optimal living.

As a reminder, it’s important to load up on good nights of sleep, to reduce stress and to take your supplements, especially considering the Standard American Diet (SAD) is causing massive gut inflammation.
Remember, prevention is the best medicine. 
Flu season is around the corner and we will never know how many more pandemics are to come. It’s crucial that we stop waiting for a vaccine or anything outside ourselves. We have to take care of the most important thing: our health and our immune system. 
If we give the body what it needs, it can do its job perfectly and knows how to heal.

Check Out Our New Online Store today!

Optimal Wellness: Hormones and Weight Loss!

We have officially reopened our Optimal Wellness Program with two tracks: one track for bio-identical hormone replacement (now offering pellets) and the second track for weight loss, obesity and metabolic therapy, including hypothyroidism. This second track includes a seven week program to train on intermittent fasting, block fasting and the medicinal benefits of a ketogenic diet.

In both tracks, we are hyper focused on tools that help decrease chronic inflammation and keep us alive longer with the best quality of life.

Learn More about our Optimal Wellness Program

Sexual Health!

To complete the circle of care and open the discussion on sexual health, we’re now offering the all natural O-Shot and P-Shot.

Healing growth factors from the platelets in your own blood are used to enhance sexual function and increase sensation. (Oh man, does it work!)

We’re serious about taking care of the entire body and mind to promote optimal wellbeing.

Read More About the O-Shot

Learn More

Read More about the P-Shot

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