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Top Tips for Boosting Immunity

We can’t always control the world around us, but we can control the environment inside our bodies. We’re here to help you take action on the things you can control so you can stay well, no matter what you may be exposed to.

TIP 1. IV Vitamin C 

Nature’s powerhouse! Vitamin C enhances your body’s immune response by reducing oxidative stress, protecting against pathogens, proliferating immune cells and so much more. It also helps build collagen, supports healthy joints, improves the appearance of your skin, assists with energy, weight loss, healing and handling stress, but that’s all for another day! Intravenous Vitamin C is most effective due to the fast acting absorption rate and high bioavailability.

TIP 2. Oral Vitamin C

Humans are one of the few mammals who don’t make our own vitamin C, which means we rely on food sources to get enough. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most of us simply don’t eat a perfect diet filled with Vitamin C rich foods, but luckily we can rely on high quality oral supplements for our daily dose!

TIP 3. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D improves your body’s adaptive immune response and a deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to autoimmunity and increased susceptibility to infection.

TIP 4. Trace Minerals especially Zinc and Selenium 

Trace minerals help with regulating blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar levels, increase energy, boosting the immune system, bone health and wound healing. Zinc stops a virus from replicating and works synergistically with other minerals and nutrients for that extra immunity support.

TIP 5. Magnesium 

Magnesium supports brain and cognitive health, alleviates anxiety and stress, prevents migraines and promotes sleep quality, all contributing to an optimized immune system. Magnesium also plays a key role in the immune response by acting as an important cofactor.

TIP 6. Infrared Sauna

Toxins be gone! The deep penetration of infrared heat soothes sore muscles, eases tension AND detoxifies the body through sweat carrying toxins out of the fat layers just beneath the skin. Less toxins → less inflammation → better immune function!

TIP 7. Reduce Sugar! 

Sugar competes with Vitamin C to get into your cells, so that means more sugar = less immunity! Sugar also causes inflammation which makes it much harder for your immune system to do its job. Cut the sugar! We know you can.

TIP 8. Get a Good Night’s Sleep 
Sleep is the vital time when your body gets to relax and reboot! Many critical immune system mechanisms happen while you’re asleep. While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Children and teens need even more. Make sure to keep your bedroom cool, and to turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime!

It’s now more critical than ever to maximize your wellness. To build a personalized regimen with one of our highly trained Medical Providers including any or all of these recommendations, make an appointment for a 30 minute Wellness Visit today! Available in-person or virtual.

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