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We’re glad to see the The New York Times touching on a topic near and dear to us. Many of our patients have suffered through years of unrecognized hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormones are essential to all metabolic functions of the human body and under production and conversion of thyroid hormones may be an important clue as to why so many people just can’t shake the fatigue, weight gain, headaches, brain fog and more.

Thyroid Gland

Thyroid hormones are essential for all functions in the human body. Image NYT.

“Hypothyroidism — low hormone levels — in particular is often misdiagnosed, its symptoms resembling those of other diseases or mistaken for “normal” effects of aging. Indeed, the risk of hypothyroidism rises with age. Twenty percent of people over 75, most of them women, lack sufficient levels of thyroid hormone that, among other problems, can cause symptoms of confusion commonly mistaken for dementia.”

It’s important to know what lab tests to look for and to understand the difference between synthetic supplementation and natural therapies. Call us to learn more about how we treat thyroid naturally.