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Befriend Your Doc offers advice on how to improve your health. Their recent post “3 Healthy Changes Women Can Make Today” suggests 3 simple changes that will have a huge positive impact on your well-being.


1. Swap Processed Foods with Whole Foods

Healthy Breakfast

Befriend Your Doc suggests suggesting one processed food for a healthy food to help the transition.

“The goal is to use whole foods like eggs, baby spinach, tomatoes, and other veggies or steel cut oats and fruit with a little almond milk to make a healthy breakfast. The good news is, your healthy alternative can be just as quick as an unhealthy processed breakfast, especially if you take some time on Sunday or the night before work to make your egg muffin cup or overnight oats.”


2. Drink More Water Every Day

Infused Water Remedy Room

Chances are, you aren’t drinking enough water. Try linking water to some of your daily habits like work breaks or drink a full glass before each meal to increase the amount you drink.



3. Eliminate your workout excuses

Yoga Wellness Remedy Room

Finally, invest in low-cost home workout tools, such as a yoga mat, weights, a balance trainer and resistance band. Enlist a friend as a workout buddy to keep you motivated.


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