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Planning on checking out a few festivals this summer? Here are a few tips to staying hydrated while out in the sun!

1. Surprisingly, the obvious solution goes underutilized. Up the intake of fluids. A gallon a day of water and other clear fluids is a good start. Increase as needed. However, fluid retention and balance depend on some of the advice below.

2. Potassium is a key elecrtolyte that, in large enough quantities, is an excellent firewall against dehydration. Potassium promotes fluid balance and reduces dangerously high heart rates caused by thickening of the blood. A low potassium level also produces serious muscle fatigue and cramps. Foods high in potassium, such as avocados, can crush these symptoms. Eat a lot of them.

3. Healthy fats and oils are as important as high fluid intake. They’re strong regulators of fluid balance. Nuts and other foods (avocados again) are good sources. Omega 3 and 6 are healthy fats and oils. Omega 6 can be found in a lot of foods, but you’ll probably need to use supplements, such as fish oil, to get Omega 6.

4. Stay away from sugar. Your kidneys reflexively produce more urine to bring down sugar levels in the bloodstream. That causes serious fluid loss.

Happy Festing!