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When Being Sick Is NOT On The Agenda


With cold and flu season on the horizon, you need to know about our top two infusions.

Immunity Infusion: 
Facilitate and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal with Vitamin C, essential minerals and B Vitamins. Excellent for prevention as well as wound healing before and after surgical procedures.

Super Immune Infusion: 
Our ultimate healing blend for when you don’t have time to be sick. Reduce time spent fighting symptoms of cold, flu or viral infections with a large dose of Vitamin C, essential trace minerals, magnesium and B Vitamins. Glutathione is also included to supercharge your immune system. An anti-inflammatory and/or steroid/decongestant are included if needed.

Can’t make it in?

We highly recommend making the time for yourself, but we also know it can be difficult. Shop supplements for the ultimate at-home regimen.



Price Changes: We Want To Let You Know…

We have remained consistent with our infusion pricing for years while our costs from suppliers have been steadily increasing and we can no longer absorb that additional cost. In order to continue to provide the same quality service and products, we have increased the prices on our PlaqueX/Chelation Infusion’s, High Dose Vitamin C Infusion’s and some over the counter supplements. We appreciate you placing your trust in our team at The Remedy Room and are grateful for your patience and understanding.



(Stay tuned for our Black Friday gift card special…)



Holiday Hours

We will only be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, 2020.


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