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We’ve just about all been there, that moment when a night of fun (read: up until 4am poppin’ bottles) turns into a morning (read: entire day) of complete and total misery and we’d do just about anything to end the horrible pain of the hangover. Well, now in many cities, you can kiss the hangover, and even the common cold, goodbye thanks to the latest and greatest cure-all. Whether you call it “hydration therapy”,  “infusion therapy,” or just a good old Infusion drip, this new take on Advil and a day in bed has truly been making the rounds.

From headaches and dizziness to extreme fatigue and nausea, hangovers have the power to completely ruin your life day and perhaps the best known cause for these horrible cases of cocktail karma is dehydration, making intravenous hydration therapy so effective and popular, especially in cities known for their nightlife like Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, and New York City, so popular in fact that the service can even be ordered for “delivery,” especially great when you can’t bare to move off the comforting cold tile of your bathroom floor.

By giving “patients” Infusion drips of sterile water solutions mixed with saline and the other vitamins and minerals the body is yearning for, hydration therapy offers an effective and lasting result after just 20-30 minutes, which is incredibly fast compared to how long it takes for some over-the-counter pain killers to take effect.

Hangover Heaven, has been doing its part to keep what happens in Vegas, in Vegas, by providing hangover relief to thousands since 2012! You can hop aboard their bus, head to the clinic, or even get your Infusion therapy in the comfort of your own room (from $99 and up). The Remedy Room in New Orleans offers a modern boutique-type setting for NOLA, complete with licensed medical professional evaluations from $149. Here, hydration therapy includes add-ons for nausea, acid-reflux, and even a vitamin B12 boost! Scared of needles? Both establishments offer needle-free options for the faint of heart!

NYC, the Hamptons, and Chicago have a new doctor making house calls, the I.V. Doc, who for $199 and up will hydrate and detox you right on your living room couch and have you feeling brand new in just 30 minutes. Chicago also boasts Infusionme, as a way to get hydration therapy plus a bonus of oxygen therapy for $139. In Atlanta, you can visit Vida-Flo for your hydration therapy needs and even sign up for a membership where your first 1000ml each month is free! And in Tampa, Florida, the HangInfusioner Bargives guests a beautiful medical spa environment to get their Infusions on where they can choose from 5 unique drips (starting at $97.75 for members) and even a Fat Fighter IM injection for $55, while they’re at it.

REVInfusion Wellness Spas are also seriously making the rounds, with locations all over Florida and in Las Vegas and with new locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and even the UK set to open soon! REVInfusion makes hydrating extra comfy with massage chairs, free WIFI, iPads, and headphones, and a sleek and modern environment with prices starting at $79.

Even if you aren’t hungover, hydration therapy is also effective as a way to simply get a boost of vitamins to help fight fatigue, the on-sets of colds, nasty jet-lag, and even recover from a 5K!  Would you try hydration therapy? Let us know!