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Big Easy residents are particularly adept at hair-of-the-dog hangover cures, but Tabasco Bloody Marys don’t quite breed productivity. However, Dr. Mignonne Mary’s Remedy Room offers a cure for those seeking to undo damage, not just quell symptoms. The infusion boutique opened over the summer, and it is not just for drunks, Dr. Mary told NoDef.

Originally Published in NOLADefender

“When you look at the all of the reasons people are dehydrated, hangover is just one of those reasons,” said Dr. Mary. “We get a lot of flu, general body aches,” said Dr. Mary.

Many of the treatments are delivered through Infusions which are also effective for athletes with sore, dehydrated muscles, Dr. Mary said.

For $150, patients can have a doctor see them almost immediately, and administer fluids to rehydrate their battered bodies.

“Everything is natural that we use except for nausea medicine and the pain medicine which is an anti-inflammatory. But it’s not sedating, it’s not addictive,” said Dr. Mary. “It’s very, very effective.”

The doc is an internist, and she comes from a long line of MD’s that advocate vitamins and hydration therapy, as well as preventive care.

“I think that people should be on Vitamin C daily for prevention. We don’t make it. We’ve lost that ability and I don’t think we get it from our diet,” she said.

The Remedy Room also offers oxygen therapy for migraines. Often times, however, hangover headaches are caused by dehydration moreso than a lack of oxygen, Dr. Mary said.

Those trying to power through the morning hours should stay home and sleep it off.

“I don’t treat people who are still drunk,” Dr. Mary said definitively.

However, those willing to wait for the hangover to set in will receive fast results. Dr. Mary promises.

“The turnaround time on the hangover is pretty quick. I can’t put a number on exactly how many I’ve had who said they were a hundred percent better, but the only complaints I’ve ever had would be because they had the lack of sleep,” she said.

Those seeking wellness treatments can expect a quicker turnaround time, about 30-40 minutes maximum, Dr. Mary said.

All patients will be treated by a doctor, and there are also nurses on site.

The Remedy Room is located at 1224 St. Charles, and they are open Friday through Monday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.