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Remedy Room, New Orleans’ boutique infusion clinic is open

By July 19, 2013May 10th, 2022No Comments

Remedy Room — New Orleans’ first boutique infusion clinic — is accepting the city’s hungover, exhausted, dehydrated and virus-plagued. The clinic’s founder and lead physician, Dr. Mignonne C. Mary, opened the clinic to help both locals and tourists laissez les bon temps rouler fiercely, without having to worry about feeling it the next day.

“The treatment is for the travelers, the people on the plane with air that’s not so moist, people with hangovers, athletes who pushed too far, fatigued people, people who are always ‘on’ at work, those who can’t get over that last little bit of a cold or flu, people who ate too much,” Dr. Mary says. Patients can also opt to get treatment before they’ll need it, say, the day before a marathon, bachelor or bachelorette party, food festival, or convention.

Candidates for Remedy Room services must be 18 or older, not intoxicated and in generally good physical condition, less whatever ailments for which they seek treatment. All costs are out-of-pocket, and patients must schedule appointments in advance by calling 504-386-3851 or visiting (get it? like an Infusion?).

Treatment packages, add-ons and their prices are outlined below the jump.

Dr. Mignonne C. Mary.
Dr. Mignonne C. Mary
All packages include Infusion fluids and an evaluation by Dr. Mary. Treatments can also be administered by mouth.

Wellness Package
Vitamins C, B and antioxidants, $149

Athlete Package
Vitamins and minerals, $119

Hangover Package
Vitamins and minerals, $119

Add-ons are also available
B-12 injections, $20
B-12 plus amino acids injections, $35
Zofran (for nausea), $20
Toradol (for pain), $20
Oxygen (30 minutes), $20
Ondansetron (for nausea), $15
Famotidine (for acid reflux), $15
Ketorolac (for inflammation), $15

Remedy Room is located at 1224 St. Charles Ave. The clinic has a Facebook page and a Twitter profile.