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Dr. Mignonne Mary

Dr. Mignonne Mary

Dr. Mignonne C. Mary is a native New Orleanian and graduated from LSU Medical School in New Orleans in 1998. She completed her Residency in Internal Medicine and has spent the last 12 years in private practice. Dr. Mary has special interest in the study of nutrition and obesity.

Dr. Mignonne Mary is the youngest member of the Mary Medical Clinic, founded by her father, Dr. Charles C. Mary, Jr., a pioneer of nutritional, alternative and complimentary medicine. For over 40 years, the Mary Medical Clinic has provided patients with the comfort and convenience of intravenous therapy and treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions, and often times hangovers (this is New Orleans!).

The Drs. Mary firmly believe nutrition should be at the forefront of medical therapy, and they follow a unique regimen which includes multi-vitamins, high dose Vitamin C, B Vitamins and notably Glutathione, a critical enzyme in the detoxification process (and the highest chemical by weight found in the human liver).
Dr. Mignonne C. Mary is proud to now offer this healing therapy to a greater portion of the public with her new facility . . .