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Weight Loss Coaching:
Ready To Learn The Fat Burning Formula?

Say goodbye to dieting and feeling out of control about your weight. We teach you the tools you need to lose weight, nourish your body, reduce inflammation and prevent disease.

Eating a high healthy fat, low carbohydrate (commonly known as ketogenic) diet, combined with intermittent and block fasting has been scientifically proven to reduce body weight, lower inflammatory markers, speed up the body’s natural detox processes, stimulate stem cell production, enhance muscle building growth factors, improve quality of sleep and more. Our programs are designed to teach you everything you need to know about keto, fasting and lifestyle changes to ensure you have the tools for success not just NOW, but FOR LIFE.


Do-It-Yourself Plan

Learn step by step how to create a simple and delicious meal plan for fat-burning and weight loss in your first week.


Most Cost-Effective

Online Course

Learn the fat-burning method at your own pace by self-study. In eight modules covering everything from creating a delicious, simple menu to optimizing exercising in minimal time and adopting a strong mindset to conquer all challenges, you’ll create a fat-burning lifestyle for lasting health and weight results!


Most Popular

Personalized Weight Loss Coaching

If you prefer private, personalized one-on-one coaching, this option is for you. Receive 8 x Weekly Live Coaching Calls (plus one bonus grocery shopping call) where you’ll be able to work with your Coach, ask questions and customize the program to your unique life. This option includes all the materials you’ll need, including a glucose and ketone meter, cookbook, and more delivered right to your door.



Optimal Wellness Program

This 6 month program is the ultimate option to deep dive into your health journey and change your life forever. This program includes extensive bloodwork to determine the root causes of stubborn weight gain. Includes 8 weeks of personalized one on one weight loss coaching as well as integrative medical care with Dr. Mignonne C. Mary.


LucieI love the physical results from the program, but even better is my newfound happiness.

I first tried keto on my own using online advice. I lost some weight, and then I got stuck. I thought I was following the steps correctly, but somehow, it didn't work. I didn't get into fat-burning mode, and I didn't lose any weight, and I was frustrated! This was the guidance that I needed.
When I found The Remedy Room's keto and fasting program with their coach Alexia, I could let go of all of the hours of Internet browsing hoping that I'd found the right tools and wasting weeks not getting results and starting over again.
Instead, Alexia provided all the resources I needed to start losing weight in my first week and consistently continue until I was at my goal weight. The live calls with step-by-step teachings and time for my questions, the documents, workbooks, and the daily support made it easy and even fun to get fit!
It's not that long ago that I said, "No way I could eat keto or fast!" I wouldn't even try a keto treat - that's how resistant I was to the idea. Perhaps the issue was that I'd been a chronic dieter for a long time, which was a horrible experience. I was always restricting myself on these diets - and ironically, not even getting the results I wanted since I still had extra pounds. In my mind, keto was just another "diet," and I was over them.
How wrong I was about keto! Because I've now lost my excess weight while feeling satiated and energetic, without feeling any stress about food. That's not a "diet" to me!
I love the physical results from the program, but even better is my newfound happiness. I went to a 4th of July party on the weekend, and everyone kept complimenting me on how happy I look. My husband tells me I'm a "changed person." And it's only from doing Alexia's program in eight short weeks!
Although people see my amazing results, they're still hesitant to do keto and fasting themselves - just like I was. I want to say to everyone: just do it! It couldn't be easier than with the guidance and support of Alexia. If you don't like it, you can go back to your old ways. But what if you get fit, healthy, and happy just like I did?

TrinateFollowing the plan gave results straight away.

I had already been on keto for eight months when I contacted Alexia. I had tried very hard and worked with several keto coaches without losing my last few extra pounds. I didn't understand why keto wasn't working for me!
Doing keto with Alexia was a totally different experience. The other keto coaches had been as clueless as me as to the reason for my weight stall. Alexia, on the other hand, had a structured plan for me. Following the plan gave results straight away: I lost weight in my first week - while loving the food AND enjoying desserts!
No More Guesswork
I got a ketone meter as part of the program to check whether I'm burning fat or not. I realized that I previously had probably missed the whole point with doing keto - getting into ketosis! On my new eating plan, I finally did. Seeing on the ketone strips that my healthy eating gives results motivates me to continue!
I also notice the difference in my body, which feels healthy from the inside and out. On the other keto plans, I suffered from constipation. In this program, I've learned how to put together meals for excellent digestion.
I Can Now Fast for Five Days!
Alexia taught me to fast for five days for maximized weight loss and other health benefits. I hadn't even fasted for 24 hours when we first met, so I'm amazed that I can now easily do this! And although fasting might sound difficult, it actually isn't.
I love fasting as a detox tool: I can now "get away" with eating some unhealthy foods on vacations and events. I just fast and lose any weight I might put on! Before, I lived in constant fear of gaining weight as soon as I wasn't strictly following a diet. I now have the freedom to enjoy the foods that I love!
I've Never Loved Food This Much
Not that I even feel like "cheating" anymore. When I did keto with other coaches, I was restricting myself. I'm Spanish, so food is a central part of life, and without enjoying it, I was miserable. Alexia showed me a keto way of eating, which I love 100%. I make keto versions of any foods I like: empanadas, pasta, chocolate cake... I'm not missing anything, and keeping my goal weight is easy!

IvonneI consistently lost weight during the program - up to 5 lbs in one week

My doctor got me started working with Alexia for professional guidance to get fit and healthy on keto and fasting. I’m turning 50 this year and wanted to put an end to my last few years of increasing weight and decreasing energy.
A major obstacle for my fitness goals had been my demanding career. With a packed schedule, it’s been difficult to make time for a healthy lifestyle change. I was also coping with the stress through eating comfort food.
Alexia helped me get results by showing me how to change my way of living step by step in simple but effective means that didn’t take a long time. I consistently lost weight during the program - up to 5 lbs in one week!
I learned how to fast for five days, which might sound hard, but I loved the experience. To my surprise, I was super productive during the fast, and my mind was crystal clear. I’ve actually never felt better than by the end of the five-day fast!
I’m benefiting every day from my new, healthy eating. For instance, I’m enjoying the best sleep that I’ve had in ages. Another great result is that my hormones have balanced out. I used to feel awful during my period, and now, I have no side effects. My body is working the way it’s meant to be working!
I Quit Stress Eating
I love the program’s physical results of weight loss, mental clarity, sound sleep, and energy. However, my greatest win is how I’ve changed my relationship with food!
Before, I used food as a soothing mechanism when feeling stressed. Alexia coached me on how to shift my mindset so that I now view food as fuel. I have the same life stressors and the same access to food as before… But now, I make healthy food choices - and it comes naturally to me.
After being trapped in a vicious cycle of stress eating for so many years, I’m amazed that it was possible to break free in a matter of weeks. I’m now excited about my 50th birthday - because I know that I will be my fittest, healthiest, and happiest self!

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