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This is a valuable source of wild, not farmed seafood, that is free of the antibiotics, pesticides, and GMO feeds used on fish farms. Vital Choice provides natural, minimally-processed, nutrient-dense foods of the best quality possible.


Founded in 2001 on the premise that wild Alaskan salmon is nature’s most perfect food, Vital Choice has grown into a trusted source of premium wild seafood from healthy, well-managed fisheries around the globe. Since our first day in business, we’ve sold only sustainably-caught seafood, donated a portion of our profits to planet-protecting programs, employed environmental strategies throughout our shipping operations, and treated our employees, suppliers, and customers right. Along the way we’ve acquired a fan club of nutrition and medical experts, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, and Dr. William Sears.

We know firsthand the importance of trust as it relates to the quality and sustainability of wild seafood. Three core members of the Vital Choice crew — Randy (Founder and CEO), Dave (President), and Terry (Senior Buyer) — collectively possess more than 50 years’ experience fishing Alaskan and Northwest waters for salmon, herring, halibut, and other regional species. We work only with healthy, well-managed fisheries that meet our rigorous standards for quality and sustainability, and we conduct third-party testing for contaminants in any new seafood we offer.

In addition to nutrient-dense sustainable seafood, we offer an ever-growing range of pastured proteins, organic foods, and marine-source nutritional supplements. A certified B Corporation since 2014, we are privately owned, located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, and have a small crew of well-nourished employees.