Squatty Potty Bidet


I’m a huge fan of Squatty Potty and this bidet has been a game changer for my household. If we are emptying our bowels regularly like we should, that’s a lot of wiping which is hard on our bottoms and a lot of toilet paper which is hard on our pipes. This bidet allows you to reduce toilet paper use while keeping your front and back clean!



Refresh-It® Dual-Stream Bidet is the best way to clean up after a satisfying poop. It features two sprays keep both your front and back sparkly clean – and helps to save trees by reducing toilet paper usage.

  • Two cleaning sprays: front and back
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Includes stainless steel hose and metal fittings
  • Includes pressure reducer valve*
  • Non-electric – no battery or electricity required
  • Simple installation with no special tools required
  • Eco-friendly function saves trees and toilet paper
  • Great for postpartum recovery and hemorrhoids