Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones for Sole

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Sole is a super saturated, mineral rich solution, created when Himalayan crystal stones are dissolved in water. It is estimated that we are lucky to absorb 25% of normal tap water into our cells. Not to mention all the other pollutants and contaminants in our city water supplies. Adding a teaspoon of Sole into 12 oz of water every morning before you eat anything is the easiest, fastest way to naturally hydrate and energize your cells and body with natural electrolytes and 84 trace minerals. 


  • AUTHENTIC SOURCE: Original Himalayan Crystal Salt the true salt researched in the book Water & Salt
  • HYDRATE + ENERGIZE: Optimize health – supports hydration, vibration and cellular communication
  • HEALTH: provides electrolytes, monatomic elements, ions, supports pH balance to alkalize the body
  • 1 YEAR’S SUPPLY: 2.2lb (1kg) is enough salt to last the average person 1 year
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Only Himalayan Salt with a certificate of analysis showing 84 Trace Minerals