Giuliana Direct Olive Oil

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It’s well documented that as much as 90% of the olive oil sold in the US is adulterated and/or mislabeled. While commercial olive oil is inexpensive, US consumers miss out on great flavor and the best health benefits that real extra virgin olive oil offers. This company visits every farm and tastes each oil every harvest. You can be certain they are authentic and pure. They even include a description of each oil so you know exactly what you are getting and where it came from.


Real Olive Oil is the “Green Heartbeat” of the kitchen and cooking for family and friends.

Giuliana Direct’s mission is to offer the freshest and highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the lowest possible prices.  Immediately after bottling in November, the new vintage oils are imported and are ready for sale and delivery starting in late January. In some years, we are able to get several new oils before the holidays…great for gifting!