Bulletproof Cookbook

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This cookbook makes following a Ketogenic diet easy! We recommend this book to everyone that participates in 1 of the 4 ways to loose weight at The Remedy Room. The Ketogenic diet is a sustainable lifestyle that can optimize your health.


Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Increase Your Energy, and End Food Cravings for Good!

In The Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey outlined the plan responsible for his 100-pound weight loss, which he came to by “biohacking” his body and optimizing every aspect of his health. The unconventional plan urges you to skip breakfast, stop counting calories, eat high levels of healthy saturated fat, work out less, sleep better, and add smart supplements. In doing so, Dave says you’ll gain energy, build lean muscle, and watch the pounds melt off—just as he and so many others have.

Bulletproof: The Cookbook picks up where the diet plan leaves off, arming you with 125 recipes. Famous for his butter-laden Bulletproof Coffee, Dave packs the book with the delicious, filling meals he uses to maintain his weight loss and sustain his boundless energy. Once you get your hands on these mouthwatering recipes, you’ll be hungry for more—and this book is just what you’ll reach for. The Bulletproof lifestyle is your blueprint to a supercharged life.