Transcendental Meditation Intro to Course

Allow us to introduce you to Transcendental Meditation. Please join us for a brief introduction of TM (45 minutes), meet your TM certified instructor, Shujaa, and learn how TM can transform your life.

**FREE INTRODUCTION to TM, 45 minutes

**FOR PRICING ON COURSE, visit (SLIDING SCALE $960-500 with incremental payment options.) All monies collected benefit

The introduction should last 45 minutes. If you then decide to continue along this journey, we will begin the course after the intro and the meditation course will continue for the next three, consecutive days. Please set aside the following dates & times, if you choose to continue with the course:

Wednesday, 01/29th 5PM, 3 hrs

Thursday, 01/30th 5PM, 2 hrs

Friday, 01/31st 5PM, 2 hrs

Saturday, 02/01st 5PM, 2 hrs