EFT (Tapping) and Essential Oils with Claire

Certified health coach Claire Layrisson will introduce us to the the basics of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), a simple practice used to relieve emotional and physical distress. Tapping allows us to address specific fears, anxieties, traumas and other issues by clearing energy and sending calming signals to the brain. Similar to acupuncture, tapping focuses on the body’s meridian points to create flow and balance. However tapping is easy, can be done anywhere by anyone, and uses no needles!

“Claire Layrisson visited our organization to lead a session on the value and benefits of Mindfulness as it relates to self-care. Claire was open and honest with the staff about how these practices have impacted her own life as she led us through a session that we could easily take and manipulate for our own purposes in future situations. Claire’s depth of knowledge and ability to explain the ‘why’ behind much of what she led us through made such a difference and really allowed staff to understand why we were doing what we were doing.

By the end of our session with Claire, staff were clear on the deep impact regularly practicing Mindfulness could make and how implementing certain calming techniques could reduce burnout and increase both professional and personal satisfaction. It is now months after Claire’s workshop, and staff still use her techniques to recognize and communicate frustrations and times of stress. This self-identification and communication is critical as a first step to self-care. Claire’s workshop made a difference for our staff in a highly emotionally-charged workplace.”