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Have you struggled with your weight for years? 

Maybe even your whole life?

Are you unhappy with your current weight?

Struggling with your relationship with food?

What about daytime fatigue?

Brain fog?


Mood swings?

Do you suffer from hunger pangs, cravings, and low energy every time you make a change? 

It’s no wonder so many of us struggle in this area! We don’t learn the science of weight loss in school. Many of us have never even been taught that what we eat affects how we feel! It’s normal to struggle with knowing what to eat, how to exercise, and how to stay sane in the process – no one taught it to you.

It all changes NOW with The Remedy Room’s Fat-Burning Formula Program! 

These people used to struggle with their weight, just like you:

But that was before The Remedy Room’s…


Many of our patients who come to us with weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalance, insomnia, mood swings, depression, high blood pressure, bloating, and digestive symptoms are dealing with metabolic syndrome, also known as insulin resistance, at the core of their health conditions.

Losing the excess weight and optimizing your metabolic health is KEY to healing the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms.

Our Fat-Burning Formula coaching program is about so much more than just losing weight.  It’s about getting to the root cause of illness and symptoms to achieve true health and wellness from the inside out.

Don’t Take It from Us!
Check Out These REAL RESULTS from Our 

23 lbs Down and Feeling Amazing

I lost 23 lbs in the eight-week program thanks to Alexia’s help, resources, and motivation. Going on a fitness regime can be painful, but this experience wasn’t: I felt amazing throughout the program! And I continue to feel fantastic and shed weight because of the healthy lifestyle change I created during the program. I strongly recommend Alexia’s coaching to anyone who wants quick, significant, and lasting weight loss!


I Lost 86 lbs in Total

Before working with Alexia, I had spent many years desperately trying to lose weight. I could hardly lose one pound on my own. Now with the right guidance, I started dropping over 9 pounds in my first week! Thanks to the tools that I learned in the program, I lost 86 lbs in total and achieved my goal weight. I can now fit into the slim clothes that I wore years ago. This is the last weight loss program I will ever need!


Almost 27 lbs Gone

I couldn’t be happier with my results from working with Alexia: I lost almost 27 lbs, 5.5 inches off my hips, and 2.5 inches off my waist in only eight weeks! The best thing is that I keep dropping weight every week after the program because I’ve learned how to make my body burn fat.


How Does It Work?

  • You’ll work with our coach Alexia for one hour every week for eight weeks to learn step by step everything you need to know to lose the excess weight and keep it off. 

  • You’ll learn to burn fat for energy through healthy, delicious keto eating and fasting.

  • Your new body chemistry will turn off your hunger and cravings and give you amazing energy and mental clarity – making the process EASY.

  • Our coach Alexia will support you through all challenges and hold you accountable for taking the right steps, ensuring your success.

  • You’ll learn how to break old habits and replace them with healthy ones for lasting results.

  • You’ll optimize your health BEYOND your food choices by learning a healthy lifestyle with practices such as movement, sound sleep, and a strong mindset.

Dr. Mary on Recommending the Fat-Burning Formula:

I’m Dr. Mary, owner of The Remedy Room, an innovative medical clinic in New Orleans and Old Metairie.

Since graduating from LSU Medical School, I’ve been on a mission to continue the legacy of my father, Dr. Charles Mary, Jr., a pioneer in the field of Infusion Vitamin Therapy. My goal is to help as many New Orleans residents as possible reverse disease using natural methods to live their most thriving lives!

That’s why I started The Fat-Burning Formula with coach Alexia and my team. This program puts together my favorite, most powerful scientific methods that I’ve used to help thousands of patients lose weight, get off medication, and get fit, healthy, and happy. I strongly believe that nutrition and lifestyle changes should be offered to patients as prescriptions – and that’s exactly how we practice medicine here at The Remedy Room. 

What makes The Fat-Burning Formula unique is that you’ll have a passionate coach breaking down the science of keto and fasting into simple and achievable steps and holding your hand while you take them. Many of our program graduates say that the reason why they finally succeeded with getting fit, after years of health and weight struggles, is that they now had daily support and accountability.

I’m very excited for you to join our program and watch your health and your life change for the better. 

Dr. Mary

Founder and Medical Director, The Remedy Room

Who Is Your Fat-Burning Coach?

Hi! I’m Alexia, The Remedy Room’s coach. I help our patients burn fat to become fit, healthy, and confident. I share my expertise in publications such as Grazia, Marie Claire, and Gulf News. 

But a few years ago, I was a fat-burning beginner – just like you. That’s why I understand the challenges that you’re facing right now! I suffered from extra pounds, cravings, binge eating, depression, and low confidence.

I spent years learning how to overcome all obstacles and, finally, becoming a fat-burning machine on keto eating and fasting. I trained to be a coach and started working with doctors. Since then, I’ve helped many people get into top shape.

I’m offering the science-proven method for maximized and lasting weight loss – but without the complicated science talk. I show you the exact steps to burn off your extra fat, and I hold your hand through the entire process. I support you through all challenges and hold you accountable while you make fat-burning a delicious lifestyle.

This way, I save you years of frustrating experimentation and all of the costs that come with that. So that instead, you can focus on enjoying the exciting results of getting rid of your extra pounds once and for all.

I can’t wait to hear from you and explore how we can make you burn fat for a fit, fun, and free life!

Alexia Bjarkan

Fat-Burning Coach


You deserve to be fit, healthy, and confident.
Let’s make it happen. 

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Our coach Alexia will respond to you within 48 hours. 

Our Fat-Burning Formula options range from a Do-It-Yourself plan (free), an online self-study course (USD 599), and 1:1 customized coaching (USD 2,999). Get in touch to explore the right fit for your health and weight transformation!