The Socialite’s Dream Bundle


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PartySmart (5) – PartySmart provides antioxidants and supports alcohol metabolism in the liver for a better morning after.

Tri Fortify Glutathione – An excellent source of liposomal glutathione, Tri-Fortify is designed and formulated to work as a powerful antioxidant that integrates with natural bodily fluids in order to bypass the digestive system and enter directly into the body’s bloodstream. 

Aurora Vida Liposomal Vitamin C Packets – Perfect to support immune health, adrenal health, detox and collagen production. High dose vitamin C with absorption pathways that won’t upset the stomach!  

Nuun – Made with clean electrolytes for complete hydration. Just plop, fizz, and drink!

Nadia (NAD+ In Action) Lip Renewal Treatment – NADIA’s Lip Renewal Treatment Cream with NAD+ was specifically designed to target fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the lip area. The silky formulation deeply hydrates while remaining light and absorbable, making it ideal for use under makeup or throughout the day.

RR Branded Eye Mask – Well, to help you catch up on some beauty rest!

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