Rebounder Trampoline – Promolife

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Using a rebounder, aka mini trampoline, stimulates the lymphatic system to move lymph, a fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body.  Since the lymph system serves as a central part of the immune system, using this daily can vastly improve your health. I love this because it’s fun and easy to use and can be done anywhere!


Rebounding an an excellent and effective way to stimulate your lymphatic system, which can lead to vast health improvements with daily use.  Rebounding can reduce body fat and firm your thighs, legs, abdomen, hips and arms, increase your agility, strengthen muscles, rejuvenate your body, improve your balance and provide your heart an aerobic effect. Rebounding can be done anywhere; with a folding Needak rebounder you can even take it with you to use in a hotel room.  It’s convenient and effective.