Quintessential 3.3 Hypertonic Optimal Mineralization Sachets


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Stay Hydrated with Natural Seawater Electrolytes

Staying hydrated in general and especially during exercise is vital for optimal health, performance and recovery. QuintEssential Hypertonic Elixir, in our convenient travel friendly packaging, helps keep you hydrated when you are on the go. Use it daily to support your body, including before, during and after any strenuous activity. This Elixir is designed to provide an immediate revitalizing effect.

Due to its magnesium content, Quinton Hypertonic:


  • Favors the electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism*
  • Helps reduce occasional tiredness and fatigue*
  • Supports the normal nervous system and mental functions*
  • Favors the protein synthesis and the normal muscle functions*
  • Helps keep our bones and teeth healthy*

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