Paleo Valley – Grassfed Organ Complex


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Increase energy by eating organ meats! Organ meats are nutrient dense and they contain B12. But, let’s face it, nobody wants to eat them. Paleo Valley has created a freeze dried pill form that is super easy to take and has so many benefits.



It is estimated that 92% of Americans are nutrient-deficient and nearly 50% are deficient in vitamin B12 which can lead to issues like pernicious anemia, vascular disease, stroke, autoimmune conditions, fatigue and dementia.

Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that we can’t get from either plants or sunlight…it is ONLY found in animal products. And the richest source of natural B12 on the planet is grass fed beef liver (1). In fact, severe B12 deficiency used to be fatal until scientists figured out death could be prevented by feeding patients raw liver (2).

Paleovalley Grass Fed Organ Complex is a way to make getting a full spectrum of traditional superfoods, loaded with nutrients, into your body faster, easier, and without having to tolerate the taste (or cooking for that matter).