Microbiome Megaquinone K2-7 Quinone


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K2-7 is more optimal than K2-4 as it stays in the blood for 24+ hours to optimize vitamin K2 activity over the whole body. K2-4 is also synthetic whereas K2-7 is derived naturally from fermented chickpeas.
Vitamin K2 helps control calcium balance – keeping it out of tissues where it does not belong & bringing it into tissues where it does belong! These mechanisms support bone, cardiovascular, & metabolic health.
Vitamin K2 is essential alongside Vitamin D3 to optimize calcium balance (D3 helps control absorption, K2 then controls where the calcium ends up in the body – too much D3 and not enough K2 is not ideal for normal calcium metabolism. The best source of K2-7 for Americans is by supplement.

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