Hydrogen Tablets

Molecular hydrogen is a unique and powerful antioxidant, activating the body’s natural detoxification system.  It is also known to protect cells from oxidative stress-related damage. Take Active H2 for more energy, better focus, improved physical performance, and fast recovery!



There is literally nothing more fundamental — or abundant — in nature than elemental hydrogen. In fact, hydrogen is by far the most common element in the universe. Along with carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, it’s one of the top four elements that comprise the many complex molecules that make up our body and enable life itself. Most of the hydrogen on Earth, however, is bound to one element or another, such as oxygen (H2O anyone?).

Active H2 Ultra + is the breakthrough open-glass formula that infuses drinking water with the highest available concentration of molecular H2 gas. Molecular Hydrogen is proven to defend against fee radical damage resulting from daily activity, exercise, environmental stress and health conditions.