UV Light Therapy uses therapeutic ultraviolet light wavelengths which are administered into the bloodstream through an IV.

Ultraviolet light emerged in the spotlight in 1903 when Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his use of UV light in the treatment of diseases. Since then, ultraviolet light has been widely used for sterilization of hospitals and water and improving air quality in homes.

UV Light Therapy uses different wavelengths of light to trigger distinct biological mechanisms within the body which may aid in improving circulation and strengthening the immune system. Light therapy may also help improve a wide range of medical conditions including pain, chronic inflammation, upper respiratory infections, chronic Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr Virus(EBV) and more. Along with UV Light Therapy, IV vitamins and fluids may be administered to help with hydration and wellness.

Patients sit comfortably while they receive their 60-minute UV Light Therapy treatment. There is no blood removed during this procedure and no use of blood thinners or additives.

Please call the Remedy Room at 504-301-1670 for more information.



UVLrx Chronic Fatigue Study


UVLrx Chronic Fatigue Study is now available for patients to enroll at the Remedy Room. This study is currently underway to assess a new treatment to improve chronic fatigue. The purpose of this research study is to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of an investigational device that administers low-light energy through an intravenous (IV) catheter. Accordingly, subjects will receive normal saline solution to improve hydration while concurrently receiving light therapy. The study will involve fifteen (15) treatments and a total of seventeen (17) visits to the treatment site. Please contact The Remedy Room at 504-301-1670 or email info@theremedyroom.com for details.

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UVLrx Treatment System’s direct-to-blood delivery method treats blood intravenously, without the need for removal or the use of blood thinners or additives.